Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guess Your Starting XI

We're on the bus moments away from arriving at the ballpark, and you're about 45 minutes away from getting the official version, so in the meantime let's get the armchair midfielders out there to predict today's starting lineup...


Warren said...


-Colin Clark----------------------Holden-

--------Sam Cronin-----Beckerman----------

-Jay Heaps---Parkhurst---Conrad-----Evans-


Andrew said...

i am fine if ching starts here, but hasn't Davies proven to be a more valuable starter than Ching on the "A" team? Davies/Altidore pairing for Mexico 8/12/09

The Wests said...

Robles (GK)
Heaps, Parkhurst, Conrad, Cherundolo
Arnaud, Holden, Cronin, Quaranta
Davies, Cooper

While I think Davies should rest, it's his hometown game, as it is for Heaps and Parkhurst. I can't imagine any of them not starting.

Geoff S. said...

I'm going to go with Robles in goal.

Evans, Parkhurst, Conrad, and Heaps across the back.

Quaranta, Holden, Cronin & Clark in Midfield with. . .

Cooper and Arnaud up top