Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter Interview Transcript

Earlier today U.S. Men's National Team defender Chad Marshall assumed command of U.S. Soccer's twitter account. We asked fans to write in their questions and here are some of the higlights:

@ussoccer what is the difference between college, pro and national team coaches and trainings?
@johnnyazores With every level the players get better, stronger and faster. Also, a lot more is expected of you as you move up.

@ussoccer what aspect of Panama's game needs more attention?
@davsthejumper Panama is a good team with great physical abilities and speed. We will have to pay attention to that and watch closely...

@ussoccer Q to Chad: Wot do U think U hv 2 do 2 make #USMNT World Cup squad? Has coach said anything 2 U about wot he wants 2 C from U?
@twayward I just have to play well when called upon. You dont always know when that'll be, but if you get the chance you just want to take it

@ussoccer cage match..... Gooch v Tim Howard.... who leaves the cage?
@AdamTheRed Gooch.

@ussoccer what is the difference in your mindset while playing for the national team vs playing for the crew?
@Joepark20 I have the same mindset, I just know at this level you have to be that much sharper and focused bc the game is so much faster...

@ussoccer did you go to the whitehouse this week? if so, does the President know his soccer?
@TheFansAttic Yes and he knew everything that was going on with our championship last year and in the league this year.

@ussoccer was soccer your dream ever since you were a kid?
@youngin14 Yup. If I wasn't playing soccer I'd be finishing up school somewhere and going into business or finance.

@ussoccer Who is a player that maybe goes under the radar in MLS, but is a handful for central defenders?
@gpawiebe Davy Arnaud. He doesn't stop working and he's got a good long range shot, so you can't let him get too far away from you...

Thanks to everybody who wrote in questions to Chad!


Sean said...

I read a blog today that ESPN will not be showing the Mexico v. USA CONCACAF qualifier on Aug. 12 rather it will be shown in spanish on telemundo or some channel called mun2. Is this true?

Cory said...

Wow, nice. Chad Marshall was all business during that Tweet chat. I like that, though. I was half expecting a ROFL for the "Cage match...Howard and Gooch...who's leaving the cage?" question. But Marshall got right to the point: Gooch. Not like anyone could argue with that point. Howard is a presence, but Gooch is a monster. He's got the body of a NFL defensive lineman. Kudos, Chad. I'm glad you took time out of your day to chat with us. Best of luck on Saturday and in the future with the USMNT!

Dylan said...

El Universal - a Mexico City newspaper quoted Cualtemoc saying that he thinks Mexico is better than the US man for man, and he essentially has no doubt they will win on Aug. 12th.

Shmails said...

Sean, I think that this is a holdover from the old days. I do not remember ever seeing a game in Mexico shown in english. It is up to the host country to allow tv rights or not, and I do not think Mexico is that keen on giving us that right. In the early years of this program, we did not get any away games televised, now it is only a few countries that insist on hold on to their tv rights. Just brush up on your spanish!

stephen said...

Please try to show this game in ESPN I love foot ball and can never miss this one this would be a great game.


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