Sunday, July 26, 2009

Official U.S. Soccer Bars Host Sunday Matinee

Two tournaments. Two finals. Two-time defending champions.

Oh, and it's USA-Mexico.

The one common thread throughout - the Official U.S. Soccer Bars have been there to bring fans together for every step of this 13-game, two-month odyssey of the USA's summer tour. If you can't be amongst the sold-out crowd of more than 60,000 at Giants Stadium, you need to be at the Official U.S. Soccer Bars across the country cheering for the U.S. with a Gold Cup title on the line.

And who knows who you might see? We hear zebras like Official U.S. Soccer Bars too ...

1 comment:

shubbz said...

We should have an official u.s. soccer bar here in San Francisco =(
Oh well, Im still watching the game!! on to beat Mexico today, and next Month!! Go USA!!!