Friday, July 10, 2009

An Ideal Soccer Saturday Check List

1) First place in Group B up for grabs - check
2) Haiti fighting for their tournament lives - check
3) Two serious unbeaten streaks for the U.S. on the line - check
4) Official U.S. Soccer Bars across the country ready to show you all the action along with great food and fellow supporters on tap - you betcha

(Remember all those good things that come in fours?)


davidm said...

On a slightly unrelated note... Does anyone know anything about that player Anton Peterlin who has just signed with Everton? I've read that he has dual US and Danish citizenship -- does anyone know which nation he would prefer to play for?

Jack said...

I've been away from the net for about a week. I just wanted to back up a bit and thank you guys for the wealth of insight we've received lately. Quality content, no doubt. Keep it coming!