Monday, July 20, 2009

A tale of two trainings

Today's training session could be described as either light or grueling, depending on your experience. The starters from Saturday's quarterfinal trained for about 40 minutes before doing stretching and regeneration, while five field players and two goalkeepers were put through an exhausting exercise. The first portion involved 2 v. 2 plus one, with one player as the all-time attacker. On a field 55x44, the defending team played the ball to the three-man attacking crew who went to goal, then jogged back to the other end and switched to defense. The second part, also played on 55x44, was once again 2 v. 2, with two free flank players on either sideline who could roam end to end. The wide players provided a good simulation of creating numbers in the attack in a larger space. Combining intense stretches with recovery in between, the entire exercise lasted 20 minutes.


wetzelsjoh said...

Please, tell me why doesn't the ussoccer page tell us what channels *EVERY* USMNT game is on (ie even if on FS

Sean said...

Can someone explain why an American company can't buy the rights to the U.S. v. Mexico game on August 12? What the hell is mun2? I don't think I have that one. And, isn't Telemundo owned by NBC who has a half dozen channels that could show the game that are widely available.

Shmails said...

It is up to the Mexican Football Association and they have no interest in selling the TV rights. It is the last thing they hold over us, since they cannot beat us on the field, they will make our fans pay. I guarantee that the TV stations have done what they can to get the game. I hate ESPN coverage, but they know a big game, and there is no way they did not try to get the rights to this game.

Complaining here or elsewhere only plays into their hands. It is one game, and it is being shown on TV. How much do you care about the commentary anyway? Its not like Tommy Smith is our announcer. This is a case of "let the baby have his bottle", and we will take the win!

rks said...

Actually, it's because FMF sold all of the north american broadcast rights (in both English and spanish) for all Mexico home games to telemundo. Telemundo then offered to sell the english rights to ESPN, but for a Price that was more than espn wanted to pay. So, telemundo is showing the match on mun2.

This is probably a losing situation for all parties involved because mun2 is not widely available and thus telemundo will not be able to command the same fees for ads that espn can. Considering that we only play in Mexico once every four years, were prolly not going to see a lot of people begging their cable companies to get mun2.

pdrcoot said...

Anyone know the Direct TV channel for Mun2?

I'm sure the game will be broadcast in HD too right!?

Man o man...all I can say is that us true fans will be remembering these ridiculous scenarios in 6-8 years when US soccer has made its rise to overtake Hockey (which I play and love) as America's 4th favorite sport.